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Software Solutions

The software solutions to master your additive manufacturing process

Our solutions are developed to fit in your CAD/CAM environment.
Not only do they cover design, course programming and machine simulation but they also
connect to your composites design and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions.

Machine Simulation

The global trajectory of the AFP lay-up head is computed thanks to the machine independent simulation algorithms embedded in our off-line programming solutions. Machines supported range from 6 axis gantry type machines to 6 axis robots on a track combined with a rotating positioner, including 6 or 7 axis column machines and other 6 axis special machines.

The virtual AFP machine and its cell needed for course programming and machine simulation are provided by Coriolis Composites in order to guarantee maximum precision of the programs.

Program generation

When the simulation step is completed, the trajectories defined with the cut and feed positions, CADFiber et CATFiber can generate a program translated to the machine controller format to produce the actual parts with the AFP machine.

Program validation

Coriolis composites also develops solutions for program validation based on Siemens’ VNCK in order to obtain accurate cycle times and precise machine movements designed to minimize the need for dry runs.