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Support and Updates


Coriolis Composites Software solutions come with a one-year Support Service Agreement which includes:

Hotline support

  • assistance for any questions dealing with the use of the software;
  • resolution times adapted to the nature of the issue and the level of urgency;
  • the monitoring of enhancement requests from clients (analysis, feasibility studies, replies) using a dedicated tool.

For optimal technical support, Coriolis Composites recommends internet access to the workstation to provide remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Software updates

  • an annual release, that integrates new functionalities and major evolutions developed during the year
  • maintenance releases, comprising patches or minor ergonomic/user experience improvements

Telephone: +33 (0)2 97 59 45 23

Telephone: +33 (0)2 97 59 96 65