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Feasibility studies


When you plan to start a new part production by studying the different manufacturing technologies, or when you are studying a part production technology transfer (hand lay-up to automated fiber placement lay-up…), Coriolis Composites experts can carry out full lay-up studies for your project.

Our multi-phase process helps to validate each step of the development, including part design for Automated fiber placement, thus allowing great economies and higher production performance.

Project feasibility

Composite design and composite manufacturing experts able to guide and assist you during each step of your project

/ Extensive knowledge in Coriolis Composites various operating machines (Csolo, C1, C2…) allowing to identify the most adapted technical solution to your production needs

/ AFP feasibility study of the part

/ AFP programming, production, technical and financial study

/ FEA export to the design and stress office to optimize the structure and the manufacturing process sheet

/ Global production line, including AFP technology, study and creation


Validation and development of demonstrators in our composite center

Members of the team are highly skilled with extensive experience in composite development as well as in manufacturing facilities. AFP part programmers will help you to achieve the best technical and business solutions. They are experienced in multiple various parts of aerospace and automotive industries (from demonstrators to flying parts).

/ Part characterization coupons, or plates programming and manufacturing

/ Part demonstrator, from reduced scale to full scale, programming and manufacturing

/ In accordance with the part manufacturing quality and productivity specifications

/ Special pro-production opportunity in our composite center

/ Parts lay-up pre-production, facilitating and accelerating the production launch in your company

A complete and extended support

To perform these activities and comply with your requested level of quality and guidelines, we can provide global solutions based on a specialized and skilled sub-contractor local network.

Our team can manage:

/ The purchase of lay-up and/or curing tools

/ The purchase of AFP fibers (Bobbins of Thermoplastic, Thermoset or dry fibers)

/ The subcontracting of part or coupon curing

/ The subcontracting of part or coupon NDC

/ The subcontracting of part or coupon machining