Coriolis Composites brings its expertise to the automobile industry, engaged in a necessary measure to lighten vehicles to conform to the future regulation in effect from 2020. One of the flagship options of this evolution consists of substituting composite solutions for metallic solutions by using low cost materials and by developing production methods adapted to the cadences of the automobile industry. There are many issues on which Coriolis works together with its constructor clients.

Parts to be produced  – Chassis – columns – doors –bonnets -roofs-seat structures 

Solutions –Compact layup machine for producing parts with an average dimension of 1x1 m, average thickness 2 mm, with the objective of a rate of 1 part / minute.

AdvantagesReliability of the machine assuring use in 2 shifts in 5/7days in particular by using material aimed at avoiding fouling – High productivity by laying several fibers simultaneously at high speed. Using low cost materials (glass or carbon PA6 and roving 50K carbon or glass 2400 tex dry continuous for making preforms for RTM injection on a short cycle and at high pressure) – Optimal mechanical performances combined with a maximum weight reduction by optimizing the orientation of the fibers, thicknesses and variable contours – Zero waste rate by cutting on the fly for making the layers « net shape » - Forming or stamping optimized by using independent fibers and consolidated layers. Compactness of the machine for a small floor area in production factories. Rapid commissioning and replacement due to a compact structure and safety integrated into the design

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