Linear axis


The Coriolis fiber placement robots can be mounted on a linear axis on the ground to increase the action range for laying up large parts.

The possibility of having several work stations to optimize productivity.

The linear axis is a standard component of high rigidity and high precision made by Güdel, a world leader in the supply of high load bearing standard linear systems. The reliability of its linear components is today recognized globally, particularly in the aeronautic and automobile sectors.

The design of these rails enables their use without grease, in a difficult environment, particularly by using linear profiles in treated steel and sealed bearing housings.

Linear Axis
Linear Axis
Technical features


The robot can work on both sides of the rail.

Single safety cell for the two work areas, no access to personnel around the robot during production

►The Güdel rails resist very well to dirt and exhibit a high rigidity and high stiffness because of its large rollers and sliders. The welded steel frame assures an optimal distribution of the load on the rails and assures a silent movement. The modules are made in segments; it is therefore possible to modify the length. A run of 100 meters long can be made easily and reliably.

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