Laser heating device


Associated to the fiber placement system, Coriolis offers heating equipment through a fibered diode laser adapted for the layup of pre-impregnated thermoplastics.

Laser Heating device
Laser Heating device

This system uses high power diodes to attain maximum layup speeds while ensuring good cohesion between the plies.

The optic has been specially designed for heating the material at the point of layup while retaining the compactness of the layup head.

The laser source (stacks) used, has been proven in industrial sectors such as welding in the automobile sector, ensuring reliability and a maximum lifetime. The wave length of the beam has been optimized according to the implementation of material qualified for the aeronautical market, such as carbon fiber.

Laser heating device    Laser heating device

Technical specifications

Regulation of the heating power, proportional to the speed of laying up and is adjustable by the user

►Laser heating equipment specially designed for pre-impregnated thermoplastic or dry fibers

►Power of 3 to 12 kW

►Liquid cooling of the optic and the laser source (stacks)

►Industrial design already proven in the automobile sector

►Alarm system with broken fiber detection

►Rapid connection device for adapting the robot for a change of material, from thermoset to thermoplastic or dry fiber, and this, in less than 4 hours

►Compaction roller designed for high temperatures with a cooling device

►Increased security system for access control, specific eye protection

►Special operator training for handling of the high power lasers

►Class 4 laser safety barriers system, supplied

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Implementation of thermoplastic pre-preg and dry fiber

A pioneer in this field, Coriolis has more than ten years'experience in the implementation of these materials in full operation. From day one, the Coriolis fiber placement system was designed to be able to lay-up these materials, which require guidance and a very low laying up tension as well as routing for a very large radius.

The Coriolis fiber placement system can lay dry fibers coated with a binder for the making of RTM preforms, infusion or thermoplastic pre-impregnated fiber, without requiring  any change or adaptation to unwinding, control, routing  or cutting. Only the heating system must be replaced by a high power laser associated with a patented soft laying up roller designed to weld continuously and at high speed during the layup.


For the security of the operators, Coriolis also ensures the supply of and/or the provision of advice for the installation of the laser safety enclosure.

With 6 years’ experience in the supply of laser equipment, Coriolis offers advice in the use of the laser for the client’s materials.