Compaction plate


The compaction plate: enables the production of C shaped beams or reinforcements. A plate can be supplied optionally to enable a controlled compaction on the whole width of the tape, even for trajectories at 45° on convex radii less than 5mm.

This patented technique is supplied with software algorithms specifically for calculating the optimal trajectories of the layup head.

Compaction plate
Compaction plate
Technical specifications
  • ►The compaction system of the placement head ensures that each tow can be  compacted tightly, and  adapts to the change in curvature of the surface to be laid up, and ensures that the layup  pressure is stable in the programmed range.
  • ►When laying up  a structure with an corner of 90-degrees (or smaller) (r≤5mm), it ensures  concurrent  layup of at least 16 tows in +/-45° and 90° directions, pressed tightly together , to  reach the preset pressure.
  • ►The patented compacting device and specific head movement algorithm  compact the full tape tows around the sharp edge.
  • ►Main benefits:

- Full control of the compaction force around the sharp edge

- Permits ply drop-offs and ramps around the corner without manual intervention

- Increased productivity.

  • ►Lay-up speed and acceleration are limited on these paths.
  • ►Start and end fibers have to be 100 mm away from the edge to avoid fiber spring back.

Compaction PlateCompaction Plate