Additive manufacturing


Composite materials outperform traditional materials. They reduce complexity, weight and energy consumption. They adopt intricate geometries whilst remaining highly resistant. They enhance competitiveness and enable new product designs. They are the fabric from which the future is made.


Aircraft manufacturers have paved the way for the large-scale industrialization of composite materials, closely followed by the automotive industry. Tomorrow, our mobility will largely rely on composite materials. New instruments for composite manufacturing will further spur the ongoing industrial metamorphosis.

Coriolis Composites has inspired and driven the advent of Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) additive manufacturing.

Today, our robotized solutions for the series production of composite structures are being adopted by industry leaders around the world.

Together with our clients, we analyze new program requirements and demonstrate feasibility in our Technical Center. We then deliver fully industrialized solutions for reliable, fast and cost-efficient manufacturing – from the very start of series production.

Coriolis CPico

AFP/AM hybrid cell

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