Coriolis CPico

Coriolis CPico

Thermoplastic multi process technology


Technical informations

Localized heating with heating control
Dedicated AM nozzle design
Material storage with low moisture control
RobotComao NJ130-2
Positionner (2 axis x and y)Comao (max 1000kg)
Online HMICoriolis
Programming softwareCoriolis CADFiber® & AM Software
Fiber configuration Single fiber 1mm and 6.35mm
Cut and feed repeatability*± 2.5 mm at 300 m/s (for AFP)
Maximum Layup Speed*300 mm/s
Compaction force range120 N
Tolerance between course laid up on separate
+2.5/-0 mm
Minimum distance between cutting and feeding an
individual fiber
10 mm
Minimum fiber length37mm
Dynamic head compliance±5 mm
Spool in a creel house with dry air in overpressure
Laser heating device300W
Fiber Tensionup to 36N
Filament diameter for FFF1.75mm
Nozzle diameter FFF & FGFfrom 0.6mm to 1.2mm
Heating sourceair torch and cartridge heater (max

*Depends on the material

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