Simureal NC-Assess

Simureal is a standalone virtual dry-run and program optimisation solution.

Virtual dry-runs

  • High speed colision detection
  • Near-miss analysis
  • Intersection computation and display
  • HTML report
  • Tubes movement simulation
  • VDR file generation to skip dry-run on machine

Toolpth analysis

  • TCP speed, acceleration, machine axis, TCP roll/yaw angles, …
  • Visualization of toolpath in 3D during machine simulation
  • Full program or ply-by-ply display
  • Color-coded analyses mapped on 3D toolpath
  • Ribbon visualization with IPO markers

Material layup simulation

  • Layup topology rebuild from G-code (feed/cut) and accurate robot paths
  • 3D layup visualization synchronized with machine motions
  • Collision detection with previous plies
  • As-Designed (e.g. CATIA) vs As-Programmed (CADFiber or CATFiber) vs As-Layed (Simureal) comparisons
  • By-To-Fly ratio evaluation
  • Layup defect analyses :
    • steering radius (wrinkles),
    • roller compaction -> bridging, material feed defects
    • gaps/laps
  • Thickness effect: layup plies stacking build-up

Program performance & limits analysis

  • Machine axes travel limits check
  • Speed, acceleration, jerk limits check
  • Global overview of full program with time range zooming
  • Dynamic margins: time % of exceeding limits (speed, acceleration and jerk)

Program Optimization

  1. Plots: machine DOF axis, speed, acceleration, jerk
  2. Plots comparisons
  3. Off-part motions
  4. TCP speed variation
  5. Less productive courses e.g. tangency extension toolpath optimization
  6. Data export (.csv)

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