CATFiber MPS is the natural complement to CATFiber DFM for customer who want to leverage Dassault Systèmes’ V5 or 3DEXPERIENCE environment to program an AFP machine. Limited, today, to Coriolis machines, the solution will be open, in future releases, to machines from other machine vendors upon customer request.

Machine programming

  • Strategies to drive the machine and positionner movements to lay the fibers as designed with CATFiber DFM: linear axis, positionner, layup direction, off-course paths, from/to home scenarios, effector configurations, layup and off-part speeds, …
  • Collision avoidance strategies
  • Predifined strategies to speed programming up

Program simulation

  • Complete machine and positionner movements simulation prior to program generation
  • Including collision detection with 3D feedback

Program generation

2-stage post-processing:

  • Generic post-processor (neutral XML format)
  • Machine controller specific translator




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