CATFiber DFM brings the integration in CATIA and SIMULIA to a level that allows customers to rethink their approach to composites design by taking automated manufacturing constraints into account at early stages of design. Available on V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE platforms.

DFM at preliminary design stage

  • To make sure surfaces are compatible with automated manufacturing
  • To define theoretical orientations (rosette transfer) compatible with automated manufacturing
  • To tailor fiber orientations foroptimal use of composite materials

DFM at detailed design stage

  • To help designers understand the impact of their design on manufacturing
  • To optimize design for automated manufacturing
  • To validate mechanical properties with maximum precision
  • To define targeted manufacturing process as early as possible

DFM at NC programming stage

  • Full set of commands to create tailored AFP design
  • Final FEA validation as accurate as possible with “as-programmed” data

Main features

  • Full AFP design inside CATIA design
  • Multiple AFP designs investigation
  • Link to FEA
  • Layup simulation with collision detection
  • AFP configurations definition
  • Advanced rosette definition
  • Automatic AFP design creation
  • All functions to tailor AFP design
  • AFP design analyses: angular deviation, steering, gap/lap, roller contact, …
  • Metrics: material area/weight, number of tows, layup course length, …



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