CADFiber is a standalone AFP programming solution.

Compatible with main composites design solutions

NX Fibersim, CATIA Composites (CPD) and standard geometry formats (IGES, …)

AFP Design

  • Import of plies definition
  • Manual creation of plies
  • Geometry creation
  • Full AFP courses and tows definition
  • Full set of analyses (angular deviation, steering, gaps/laps, etc)

Machine simulation

  • Various robotic and machine tool kinematics handling
  • Handling of complex shapes: lay-up direction, off-part motion, additional axes
  • Simulation: collision detection, safety violation detection, motion checking (singularities, axis limits)

CATFiber DFM + CADFiber Simu

Take maximum benefit of CATIA Composites (CPD) with CATFiber DFM and simulate machine movements and generate the program with CADFiber Simu

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