2D Tailored Stacks

Coriolis Composites offers a Coriolis C5 Compact allows the production of tailored stacks reinforcement of different structural parts, such as B-pilar, door reinforcement.



/ Reliability of the machine assuring use in 3 shifts in 5/7 days in particular by using material aimed at avoiding fouling
/ High productivity by laying several fibers simultaneously at high speed
/ Optimal mechanical performances combined with a maximum weight reduction by optimizing the orientation of the fibers, thicknesses and variable contours
/ Zero waste rate by cutting on the fly for making the layers « net shape »
/ Forming or stamping optimized by using independent fibers and consolidated layers
/ Capability to lay up low cost materials
/ Compactness of the machine for a small floor area in production factories
/ Rapid commissioning and replacement due to a compact structure and safety integrated into the design


– Capability to lay up low cost thermoset, thermoplastic prepress or dry fiber
– Compact layup machine for producing parts with an average dimension of 1x1m, average thickness 2 mm, with the objective of a rate of 1 part / minute.

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