Wind energy


Coriolis Composites brings its expertise to the Wind Energy sector, by offering automated solutions for making blades of larges dimensions, by optimizing the robot structure in relation to the components to be made. This is possible due to its expertise in the use of standard robotic structures of a large dimension and the flexible design of the bobbin storage system to the placement head. The Coriolis Composites technology also enables the use of low cost material, while ensuring high productivity, raised due to the combined layup of numerous fibers.

Solutions - Robots adapted for making sub-sets of the blade : a robot on a linear axis for making the root of the blade and the spar, robot on a Cartesian gantry for laying up  aerodynamic shells.

Implementation – Making a pre-form for infusion with a low cost material – Robot type structure or low cost gantry robot

Advantages – Higher productivity of 250 kg/h or more, on uni-directional spar type parts  - zero wastage rate -  high mechanical performances due to orientations and optimized thicknesses in relation to the main stresses – Completely automated production and industrial robustness due to the use of robotic components already proven in other industrial sectors.

Wind turbine