Ultrasonic trimming device


To gain on the complete fabrication cycle of a composite part, it can be advantageous to trim the raw part before polymerization. Coriolis offers optional equipment which can be mounted on the fiber placement head to make an ultrasonic cutout.

Technical Characteristics
  • ► Device mounted on the AFP head.
  • ► Device manually removable.
  • ► Device controlled by PLC.
  • ► Trimming speed: up to 250mm/s *.
  • ► Trimming depth: up to 20mm in one step. Multiple steps allow upper trimming depth.
  • ► Device’s frequency: 20 kHz.
  • ► Radius: 100mm is the minimal radius recommended. Depending on the material and the requirements, smaller radius trimming can be achieved.
  • ► Displacement sensor to get cutting depth information.
  • ► Presence sensor to handle the process.
  • ► Pad mounted on two cylinders to manage the pressure applied on the workpiece during trimming.
  • ► Customable pad depending on the material trimmed. 
  • ► Cooling device orientated on the blade.

* The indicated trimming speed is for a 5mm workpiece, with a classical stacking (40% 0° ; 10% 90° ; 25% 45° ; 25% -45°).


Ultrasonic Trimming Device


  • ► Generator and knife

tl_files/_media/images/Products/Ultrasonic Trimming Device/Ultrasonic generator - 20kHz def.png

tl_files/_media/images/Products/Ultrasonic Trimming Device/Ultrasonic Knife def.png


► Cutting handle 30KHz device
Depth adjustment : ± 0.1mm
Compliance : ±5mm

Ultrasonic Trimming Device

Mould requirements

The mould needs grooves and sacrificial material included to receive the blade during trimming.

- The recommended dimensions are 5mm depth by 5mm wide.