Technical advantages


 Fiber guide tubes ensures the cleanliness of the fibers as well as confining the fibrils, and despite the flexibility of the tubes, the rectangular section avoids all risks of fibers twisting.
► Know-how of more than ten years in the use of materials ‘of the future’ dry fiber and thermoplastic.
► Flexibility - They easily adapt to different geometries, different ranges.
► Compactness – Enables the making of complex parts.
► Versatility – It is suitable for industrial applications as well as for development centers, with the possibility of easily integrating numerous options.
► Industrial production –Its reliable and robust design meets the requirements of serial production where maintenance requirements are higher.
► Speed -  It ensures high productivity due to the rapid movements and high acceleration of the fully exploited robot base due to the low weight and low inertia of the head.
► Precision – The low weight of the head (60 kg), obtains a precision and layup repeatability meeting the requirements demanded from the aeronautic industry.
► Managed budget – A ratio of quality/productivity/investment to a high level, thanks to the combination of the robotic base/process.