Infra red heating device


Associated to the fiber placement system, Coriolis offers Infra-red heating equipment adapted for the laying up of pre-impregnated thermoset fibers.

This system uses very powerful infrared lamps to attain maximum laying up speeds. These lamps, of enhanced durability, have been specially designed for a compact and flexible layup head. The wavelength of their radiation is optimal for the layup of qualified materials for aeronautical parts, such as pre-impregnated epoxy carbon.

Whatever the speed, the quality of the compaction and the control, especially for example, at the edge of a very thick part where the curved trajectory is perfectly mastered. The high reactivity of this system ensures a dynamic and more efficient layup.

Infra red heating device
Infra red heating device


Technical Characteristics

► Regulation of the heating power is proportional to the speed of layup and is adjustable by the user

► Double heating filament

► Pyrometer temperature check of the material with an configurable overheating alarm

► Heating temperature target : 30°to 60°C

► Robust design with integrated reflector

Infra red heating device          Infra red heating device

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