Coriolis Composites robotized fiber placement technology

Coriolis Composites fiber placement Technology is based on a set of unique patents : A creel (or bobbin cabinet) situated at the foot of the robot, a flexible fiber feeding system from the creel to the placement head and a compact and light placement head.

The fiber placement systems developed by Coriolis Composites are mounted on 6 axis poly-articulated robots, to which can be added so called “external’ axes, as for example a positioner for the mould or a rail for the robot. The set, often composed of 8 interpolated axes, is called “a robotized cell”. These robots and fiber placement cells effectively meet aeronautical specifications and expectations, such as precision layup and cutting, as well as repeatability and reliability.

This modular and flexible conception offers a large range of possibilities and offers the client an optimal configuration for its application.

Controller Fiber Feeding System
Creel Placement Head
Linear Axis Laser Heating Device
Product Scheme Rail

Innovation and reliability

Based on proven industrial solutions such as the Kuka robot components and the Siemens controllers, Coriolis has developed the most innovative and most reliable fiber placement robots in the marketplace.

Its patented fiber placement technology is unique, mainly due to the many advantages that it gives to clients, namely :

► High productivity due to the speed of the robots ;

► Reduced cost of investment and operation due to the use of standard components ;

► Very reliable due to the implementation of robot components used in the automobile industry ;

► Reduced size enabling the production of complex parts in female moulds, associated to a significant dynamism for the passage of  discontinuities at high speed  ;

► A reduced footprint and simplified foundations ;

► Compatibility with pre-impregnated thermoset, thermoplastic and dry fibers, with an suitable laser option