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It all started in 2007 when Dassault Aviation ordered a simulation study for 2 highly curved parts for the Rafale. Then in 2008, it was a film of about 1 hour on the making of a Rafale rudder box in a thermoset matrix composite filmed during a demonstration day at Coriolis Composites that finally convinced the management of Dassault Aviation of the suitability of investing in the purchase of a Coriolis Composites fibre placement machine.

Following these orders and provided with very precise client specifications, we have been able to improve, define, develop and innovate. Dassault Aviation, convinced by the reactivity and the availability of our teams strongly encouraged the purchase of a machine for COMPOSITADOUR in 2009-2010.

The COMPOSITADOUR technological platform was established in the South-West of France and Dassault Aviation was one of the most active partners. The acquisition of a Coriolis Composites machine, additionally with a horizontal axis and a laser heating system (the latest CC technology made specifically, according to the Dassault criteria for the lay up of dry and thermoplastic fibres) allowed the machine to be tested by other companies.                       Result : Soon afterwards, Daher Soccata (for A350 parts) and Composites Aquitaine joined the ranks of happy owners of Coriolis Composites machines in the South-West of France.

« We have benefited a lot from the on-site support from Coriolis Composites for all the developments to be achieved. We had the advantage of being in the development phase and we had some time ahead of us, this has allowed Coriolis to closely adjust to our requirements. » Expressed Jean-Philippe Bos, composites engineer at Dassault Aviation.

« We have evolved together! Thanks to our requirements, we have made you progress on the laying up of thermoplastic fibres and on the standardization of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) henceforth the HMI being on installed all our machines» adds M. François Devant, manager of the Composite Production Unit.

« The advantage of your machine is that it proposes affordable, reliable robotized solutions that offers a freedom of movement perfectly compatible with the shape of our parts. The Falcon is a small aeroplane with small parts for a small robot! Furthermore, we have recently added an axis to give us more possibilities and flexibility, this is more interesting at the production organization level. We have recommended your machine four times! It is a sign that we have confidence in you, especially as Compositadour constitutes a showcase for potential new clients. »

« In terms of human relations between teams, the relationship has always been good and is based on a mutual confidence. This good relationship is essential for our progress and common success. »


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