Complete Project Work Flow Proposal

A partnership orientated project, Coriolis Composites offers to accompany the client throughout, from the exploratory studies, to the finished deployment of the automated solution, followed from the service proposal to eventually an update of the equipment.

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The objective is to minimize risks and reduce development time, benefit the client with the expertise and skills of the Coriolis Lab, whilst controlling the finances.

The Coriolis Lab, equipped with AFP robots and lead by a team of experts, has accompanied clients for 10 years. The Coriolis Lab is available to the client for all the evolution phases of the project, starting from TRL (Technology Readiness Level) 2 to TRL 8.

The goal is also to enable the client to optimize his investment when commissioning the machine on his site. In fact, operator training, maintenance and programming can all be carried out in concurrent time during the production and delivery of the machine. Therefore the client’s employees are fully operational from the reception of the machine.