Coriolis Composites

A specialist in the implementation of composite materials Coriolis Composites develops, makes and markets robotic cells for fiber placement using a standard 6 axis robot enabling the laying of continuous or discontinuous fibers, in all directions and on complex geometrical surfaces.

Based around this expertise, the company has aggregated its robotic competences which enable it to offer exclusive equipment conceived and developed for the composites industry.

Coriolis Composites constitutes a strong added value partner, with a unique research capacity in its sector which yields an economic industrial solution.


The business 

► Today, in addition to its head office near Lorient (France), it has four other sites in Augsburg (Germany), Bristol (United Kingdom), Montreal (Canada) and Bayonne (France). There are also agents based in Russia, China and Brazil.

► Employs more than 100 collaborators, 50% of which are expert engineers in many domains, from mechanical to software, through to composites and robotics.

► Has filed more than twenty patents since its creation and has positioned itself today as an expert in robotic fiber placement technology.

► Aerospace today constitutes its principal market, with participation in many new programs, from Russia to Canada through to China for example.  The automotive industry is also increasingly interested in the expertise of Coriolis Composites, confronted with more stringent requirements to lighten the weight of vehicles. In this context, Coriolis Composites has developed alongside the big automobile constructors, industrial solutions for composite structures.


Distinctive characteristics

► The business has its own dedicated composite laboratory, the Technical Center : 1000 m², three machines and a team of a dozen engineers, who are at the service of clients and their issues.

► The Company bases its technological developments on standard robots: reliability, economy and client confidence for those who already know these materials.

► A precursor and holder of many patents in robotized material layup, Coriolis Composites is a key player in the composites industry : Its robots are known for the implementation of thermoset and thermoplastic fibers as well as dry fibers for making RTM preforms. A specific characteristic ‘three in one’ unique in the world of composites.



► Coriolis Composites was born from a passion, that of sailing, shared by its founders Yvan Hardy, Alexandre Hamlyn and Clémentine Gallet. Originally these three student engineers wanted to provide a technical and industrial solution to the problems posed by the manufacturing technologies of boat hulls in composite materials. Their initial objective : to adapt the technique of filament winding to the requirements of this market.

► The final studies project of Alexandre Hamlyn attracted the attention of ANVAR and the German aerospace research laboratory DLR from the beginning. It was 1996 and when the team made the first demonstrator prototype in Germany. The Belgian company Material specializing in filament winding, put their laboratory at their disposal, this drove the young engineers to present another prototype at the JEC exhibition in 1999. The French Research Minister awarded them 1st prize in an innovation competition and a scholarship grant which enabled them to file their first patent.

► Adding a 3rd cycle of management to their training, Alexandre and Clémentine then evolved their project and tackled the development of a machine destined to make a hull for a racing yacht. This project again seduced the Minister who awarded another prize, through which they financed market research on other industry sectors, such as wind energy and aerospace. The ensuing three years was spent searching for the necessary finance to create a business, in a period when investors were more watching the internet world, to the detriment of industrial projects. It was finally in Lorient, Brittany, that Coriolis Composites saw the day in 2000 thanks to the trust of the regional economic development fund.

► The founding team spent the first years of activity developing their own equipment and filing patents, before recording in 2006 its first major order : equipment for Airbus, destined for the manufacture of the complete nose cone of the A320, a fuselage of 6m long and 4 m in diameter.

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